A Guide to Selling Scrap Copper

Copper is a non-ferrous metal found in most homes. Copper wires can be found in household appliances, such as dishwashers, computers, televisions and blenders. Also, you can find copper in plumbing and electrical fixtures and fitting. The best thing about it is that it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality. Moreover, you can earn some decent money by working with companies that offer cash for copper. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Recycling Copper

Recycling copper has numerous benefits. It is estimated that for every tonne of recycled copper, you protect the atmosphere from 3.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Also, every tonne of copper recycled saves 5,970 litres of water, 1100kg of waste and 10,033kW of energy. Remember that recycled copper comprises 75% of all copper products. The recycling process only consumes 10–15% of the energy required for producing virgin copper. In this sense, recycling scrap copper offers 85–90% energy savings.

Types of Copper for Recycling

Most scrap metal yards accept all forms of copper, including stripped and unstripped copper wire. Other materials containing the metal include copper tubes and pipes, copper boilers, copper cladding, copper sheets and electric motor windings.

Maximising Value of Scrap Copper

Although scrap copper can fetch a high price, you can still maximise its value. Note that you will be paid based on the quality (grade) and weight of the copper you supply. However, you can improve the value of copper by stripping the shielding from copper wires and cables. Also, separate copper from other scrap materials, especially ferrous metals like iron. Remember that separation increases the value of copper. Another tip for improving scrap copper value is to separate clean copper from coated or painted copper because the former fetches a higher value. Besides, isolate plumbing fittings and joints from copper tubes and pipes.

Free Pick-Up Service

You can reduce the costs associated with copper recycling by choosing metal dealers offering doorstep pick-up services for free. A dealer should also supply a range of bins to handle scrap copper of different weights and sizes. Some scrapyards may charge a small fee for picking up scrap metal if you are located far away from their premises.

Weighing the Scrap

It is advisable to weigh your scrap copper first to establish what a scrapyard will likely offer. You can then use the weight information to negotiate a better deal. A scrap metal dealer will most likely weigh your load before buying, which is the right time to confirm if their figures tally with yours. For transparency, a scrap metal yard dealer will allow you to see the weighing scale and the results.