Can your business benefit from scrap metal recycling?

Scrap metal recycling is an important part of creating a more environmentally-conscious industry. We're all familiar with some forms of metal recycling, such as recycling aluminium cans. However, recycling firms can make use of a wide range of different metal products, including ones you might not expect. There are several advantages to starting a metal recycling programme within your business. 

Environmental advantages

Recycling scrap metal helps slow the growth of landfills; it also keeps scrap metal out of the landscape, where it can leak toxic chemicals and even start wildfires. Recycled metal products are more energy-efficient than their non-recycled counterparts, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing. 

Economic benefits

Because metals are reused in the manufacturing process, scrap metal recycling can be beneficial to you in several ways. Because scrap metal is a valuable resource, recyclers will buy it from you. Metal market prices can fluctuate, so this isn't always a guaranteed income stream, but it's a welcome benefit from what would otherwise be a waste product. In addition, scrap metal recycling eliminates any additional costs associated with waste disposal. 

Types of metal

The most commonly recycled metals are steel and aluminium, which have a wide range of industrial applications, but they're far from the only materials your metal recycler may be looking for. Copper products such as pipes, wires and cables can also be recycled. You can often even recycle complete items such as appliances, tools or car batteries; the recycling firm will take care of separating the item into its component parts. 

Setting up a recycling plan

Different businesses will have different recycling needs; the right recycling plan for you will depend on the type and amount of scrap waste you generate. Perhaps you need to move a large amount of scrap equipment just once after an upgrade; alternatively, you may regularly have to dispose of manufacturing waste or empty containers. To find out what kind of scrap collection plan is right for you, contact your local metal recycling firm. They'll suggest anything from as-needed pickups to on-site scrap metal bins with regularly-scheduled collections. 

Recycling scrap metal is more than just a decision that makes economic sense for your business. It's also a step on the path toward a less resource-intensive economy and an important part of reducing your contribution to harmful carbon emissions. With a recycling plan for your company, saving money and doing good for the planet are all in a day's work. Contact a scrap metal service near you in order to learn more today.